BSA Hip Hop 6-9-2022

thurzdays 7pm
Turnstile – Sailin
MC Lyte – 10 % Diss
Blackthought w Dangermouse w Joey Badass w Russ w Dylan Cartridge – Because

KRS- One – Knock Em Out

A Nerd idea that I didn’t use….

NERD’s Dinner Party

“Invite the really beautiful women who are obsessed with Wes Flexner and/or Anon….where we live,”
Nerd and I lived in a place Weedsteeler called Harlem World….
“I will make vegan food,” Nerd said.
Nerd attended cuilinary school in New York City.
Nerd’s pitch:
“a gaggle of women who are obsessed shall compete by choosing fucking, + sucking your cock.
I just want to fuck one of them.
Wes, please sex the gaggle of cute women competing for your attention.
We will eat and women won’t overthink the easiest interaction for an attractive female: SEX.
Figure out which one u want after you fuck them all.
Or fuck one of them….I don’t care.
I shall fuck the women you don’t end up fucking. That’s all I want.
A room full of attractive females who will choose sexual interactions and vegan food is your reward.”

Nerd wasn’t saying he wanted an orgy.
Nerd watched a bunch of women take incredibly ineffective approaches in human interactions.
Nerd felt if women couldn’t comprehend the conversation in front of them,
and needed some stupid drama…
Give them their drama where we ended up fucking attractive women without interacting with people who we didn’t like.
Nerd wanted food, friendship and sex while staying home.

I rejected Nerd’s plan because his idea seemed manipulative.
I pondered respecting the women in terms of honest individual rapport.
I felt playing a game was inappropriate in human interactions.
Nerd’s plan would’ve resolved these women’s need for a drama, and the fact I could chill with my friend instead of people who neither of us really wanted to talk with.
Nerd knew he would interact with attractive women and his friend.
I didn’t realize he was protecting me against interacting with people who were irritating while securing sex for both of us.

We would’ve ended the evening in our own respective bedrooms with women we found attractive.

In 2022, Nerd exists as married man with a child working as a professional chef in a southern Whole Foods or somewhere similar…

Nerd would advise I mention:” I still got my dick sucked by plenty of attractive women while broads who thought irritating dudes was the way to a man’s love ended up with people they didn’t respect and still don’t think much of….
Ladies, don’t allow your need for pettiness ruin your life with mediocrity.
Better off giving me a blowjob, and looking at the next bitch like she ain’t worth lowering my underwear, if you need spite…

We prefer naked ladies.
We aren’t into mediocre men.”

Nerd would’ve allowed women informed choices who were making decisions without knowing market value.
Kendrick Lamar – Control Verse
Honey Drippers
Gravediggaz- unreleased version of a song which samples Honey Drippers
Tyler, the Creator – Yonkers
Roxanne Shante – Feeling Horny
Tyler, The Creator – Lumberjack
Black Keys – Happiness

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