BSA Hip Hop 3-2-2023

BSA Hip Hop
92.7 Anonrocknroll
7pm Thursday
Black Star – So Be It
Black Thought w Danger Mouse w Kid Sister w Raekwon – Darkest Part
SZA w Kendrick Lamar – Doves in the Wind
RTJ w Pharrell Williams w Zach De La Rocha – Just

RIP Jen Angel

Wand tm7 / Nerd BSA io KNK
Earl Sweatshirt w Armand Hammar – Tabula Rasa
Yasin Bay – Mathematics
B. Cool Aid – Can’t Go Back
Boots Riley’s Rap Group – Dig It
Noam Chomsky – Cointellpro Blend
El-P w Camu Tao – Weathermen Radio
Tyler the Creator w Mellowhype – Fuck The 667
P. Black w Freaky Franz – Fuggin Widdit
Flying Lotus – You Don’t Know

RIP Jen Angel

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